Loran Thrasher


518 W. Davis #2 Dallas, TX. 75208

Creative. Resilient. Uncompromising. Native Texan.

Loran Thrasher has been drawn to art since he saw STAR WARS...for the first time. He began creating his own world, making spaceships out of cardboard and sketching his own characters. In eighth grade, he spent more time in the library reviewing art books than he did in class. He understood art to be a language through which he wanted to communicate.

Loran works with acrylic paints, pastels, and cardboard. He blends shapes & textures and loves the chemistry between the elements. One of his favorite recent projects was creating over-sized cardboard dogs displayed in windows of luxury department stores in Dallas.

He hosted his most recent show--Out of this World--at his studio in Oak Cliff, Dallas.

Loran was born and raised in Arlington, Texas, and graduated from the School of Visual Arts at UNT in 2005.